Where do your peanuts come from?

The stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of TEXAS! Our peanuts are grown right here in the United States and are fresh and delicious!

Do you use real ingredients?

We use only real and fresh ingredients on every peanut we season, and we season all of our peanuts by hand!

Are your peanuts only available online?

Nope! You actually may recognize these peanuts from the shelves at your favorite asian markets in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are sold in all 99 Ranch Supermarkets, Lion Supermarkets, Sang Chong Supermarket, Foodnet Supermarket, most local supermarkets in Oakland Chinatown and San Francisco Chinatown and all the San Jose sandwich shops. BUT, if for some reason you just can't make it to any of those places, we will gladly bring them directly to your doorstep!

Where are you located?

We are located in Hayward, Ca. We have been proud Bay Area residents for the past 35 years.

are you a family business?

Our business has been run by the family since the start! Our father began this company with our mother roasting and seasoning peanuts right in our kitchen. The children have literally grown up learning how to make these peanuts, and now it's being ran by those very same children (with our parents supervision of course ;) ) Our hope is to continue this tradition!